For those who want more detail and information about Work From Home With Social Media

 This is a very simple and straightforward product.

This product is a listing of companies that need help with their online work and other online tasks.

Most of the jobs and gigs offered are for Social Media help, but there are many different jobs to choose from.

This is a consolidated listing that is kept up to date with gigs, tasks and jobs.

This is not an “Employment” service. You need to contact the companies on the list. And you need to do the work they hire you for.

We will not and cannot help you to find a job or get hired. We only sell access to this listing.

And, as we understand it, none of the companies on this list will ask for or require any additional fees.

This is not a listing where you pay somebody to find a job for you.

This is information that YOU can use to find something.

It is a convenience product so that you do not have to spend time looking for these companies individually.

Publishers Vault is an affiliate marketing company that is offering this specific work-at-home product as a service to you the buyer.

We at Publishers Vault are NOT the creators of this product and do not have any control over it.

We simply help to sell their product in exchange for a finder’s fee.

When you purchase the list, we get a small percentage of the sale.

Any issues with the product should be taken directly to them and not us since we do not have any control over this product.

We cannot offer you a refund, but they can and will.

Yes, it really is that simple…this product is a list of companies that need help with their tasks…and we sell it for them.

We apologize for the need to put things the way we have; unfortunately, we have had some people purposely misunderstand what they want this product to be and NOT what it really is.

Once again for clarity. This is NOT an employment site.

We are not responsible for your use, misuse, or your misunderstanding, deliberate or otherwise.

We accept no liability, by interacting with this site you accept all responsibility for your actions.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


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