Hello and welcome to our About Us page!

I hope you enjoy it!

First of all, I know how dull “about us” pages can be.

Since you took the time to be here, I promise to keep this short and (mostly) to the point.

My name is Chris, and I am a new marketer.

I have only been doing this for a few years. I have had other careers in my life. And they all showed me the value of helping people.

I know that probably sounds a bit corny, but it’s how I see things because that is exactly the experience that I have had.

I know there are people that think all “Marketers” are greedy mercenaries. I have found some of that for sure (sadly it only takes a few bad-apples to spoil the batch)

However, I have found more good people than bad. Which showed me that all of them are not greedy jerks like that.

In all walks of life, we have good and bad people.

And just like everybody else, marketers have bills to pay and are trying to earn enough to keep food on the table for our families.

For my inspiration, I was very lucky to find real professional marketers early on who are open, honest, and giving. True professionals who do good to help people in meaningful ways.

Why don’t you hear about them?….because they do not go around bragging about helping people. They just do it; they are not out to get kudos for doing the right thing.

I found that to be very impressive!

Seeing that showed me that I could be a marketer AND one of the good guys too!

This is the model that I live by each day without fail.

I found that these professionals make an excellent living from marketing because they are so good at being good.

Why are they so good?…are they SUPER-LIARS?…can they manipulate people’s minds?…do they have magical powers over people?

Nope, not even close.

In fact, it is exactly the opposite, they put it out there in an honest way and take positive action to help people. They get rewarded because they do the right things…

It’s very sad that in our corrupt world, this sounds crazy.

But think about that, our minds have become so used to accepting corruption that when somebody isn’t we automatically question it in a negative way.

It is the low-quality marketers and scam artists who “must” manipulate and use dirty tricks and lies. Not the high-end professionals out there.

The fact is that good business marketing is focused on honesty and trust.

If you get into lying or manipulating people, that will backfire and destroy your reputation and your business.

Once I learned that there were good guys out there doing marketing…I decided to get into it myself as a new career.

How simple it is!… all you have to do is to be: Honest, helpful, and transparent.

And good things can happen for everyone, which I think is really cool.

And with this model, I never have to worry about covering for any deception or lies.

I enjoy writing ads and creating everything needed to run an offer. To be blunt, this is the most fun I have had in many years!

And when I saw this online job listing, I was easily able to relate to the need for it.

Why?…because I have personally run into SO many scam-job sites promising you the moon and stars that are 100% JUNK!

Before I started my marketing company, I was unemployed due to a layoff.

Since I was working since I was 16, this was a difficult situation to deal with. Due to the whole covid thing the jobs in my area dried up.

It was weird, there were thousands of job postings. The same companies and jobs over and over…but nobody was actually hiring…strange times indeed.

I also ran into a ton of job services that wanted thousands of dollars to help me find a horrible job at a horrible company.

Well, that’s what they “Do” they rake in massive fees from the job-hunter AND the sweat-shop…oh sorry “company” that needs help.

And by then the person feels obligated to take whatever horrible position is offered because they won’t get a refund…this hurts people in so many ways, I think it’s disgusting!

So here we are, I am now selling this simple online job listing product.

I like how cheap it is (about the cost of a fast food meal), and it actually HELPS people who are looking for online work contacts.

So for me, it’s a win-win, I can help people AND earn an honest living all at the same time.

I wish I would have had something like this listing a few years back to help me zero in on the legit companies looking for help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this mess. I sincerely hope that you find something of value in this product.

“The more we help each other, the better life will be for more people.”



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